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PostSubject: Hinduism   Fri Dec 08, 2006 5:46 pm

If a person's parents dies as a Hindu and that person has become a born again Chistian. What is that person supposed to do, given the fact that to complete the burial rights in the hindu faith the child of the deceased has a role to play in the funeral ceremony. Would this not fall under the realm of idolatory if the child being a born again christian, participates in the burial rites ritual for the deceased parent?
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PostSubject: Re: Hinduism   Fri Dec 08, 2006 5:47 pm

This is a tricky question, but one needs to know all the precepts of the Hindu religion before assuming idolatry. I have spoken to Hindus, and people of other religions. They do believe in Christ, but one thing most religions have in common is one lie that deceives and gives power to satan. In the case of the hindu, which I have understood, is their worship play (clay and picture imagery) with other gods besides Christ. There are hindus that tell you this was not in the original teachings of the religion, which is by the way older than our beloved 'kristianity'.
But one needs to understand why they do what they do at their funeral services. I am not sure if it is in worship of a certain god, and if that is the case I am not sure if all hindus adhere to this ritual. All religion is divided by sects that practice different things, even 'kristianity', open bible pastors can't even see eye to eye, because of pride jealousy and fear.
But if participating in funeral ritual, gives honor to a deceased parent,as it seems to me, then it may not be evil in that sense.
For there is commandment saying we should honor our parents. To me, Christ,(i.e. that teaching of Christ) should come before any religious dogma that separates mankind. If a hindu shaves his head etc for honor of a deceased relative, then by all means that is Christ.
Hindus are very cultural people, they hold fast and are very loyal to their traditions and are disciplined in their beliefs, they exhibit behavioural traits that are spoken of in the bible itself,and I think everyone should adopt some of these characteristics in their daily walk With Christ. Speak to devout hindus and compare what you know about Christ teachings, and discern for yourself.
Additionally, Christ told a man that used the excuse of having to bury a family member as the reason for not being able to follow HIM right away. Christ told that person, "let the dead bury the dead." So are we in the wrong for burying our dead as 'kristians'? God migth be more pleased with sepulchures and tombs, what do you think?
The brand of 'kristianity' in the world today came from European regions, where there was bias about any culture that differed from a civilized standard which Europe established for itself based on itself. Which is why The African man has been blackened to this day, in addition to being de-humanised during and after The Atlantic Slave Trade. 'Kristianity' has to be washed and cleansed back into Christ-ianity and treat and judge each other on the basis of Love and righteouse judgement and not according to flesh and outward appearance. WHO IS BETTER THAN WHO?

insight into chp. 17 of The Book of Revelation
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