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 Jehovah's Witnesses

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PostSubject: Jehovah's Witnesses   Tue May 01, 2007 3:11 pm

Hi Guys,Crying or Very sad
I've been working at my new job for the past 8 months and on the floor that I work, there is just two of us at the front of the office. The other girl is a Jehovah's witness. While talking to each other over the months she became aware that I'm a Christian.

Now at first she was very nice, but for the past month or so she has began ATTACKING me about my beliefs, which would often end up in us arguing about the WORD.

First of all she made it pretty clear that ALL PASTORS especially PASTOR CUFFIE feed off the congregations money and also implied that PASTORS are NOT GOOD by showing me in her "BIBLE" Jeremiah 23:1-4. I tried to explain the scripture to her but it just ended up in a big arguement in which I later apologised to her because I knew this wasn't the way that CHRIST would have handled the situation.

She even went as far as ACCUSSING me of not reading the "WHOLE BIBLE".
All of a sudden I've stop talking about or making mentioning of anything that would bring conflict between us which has left us with very little to say to each but things pertaining to work.

It seems that she is just ready to snap at me with anything I say or do. All of a sudden work has become a burden to me. I told her that religion does not matter but RELATIONSHIP with GOD is what it is all about.

Now everyday she brings her "BIBLE" and "STUDY BOOKS" to work and reads them on her desk in her spear time. She and one of her HINDU friends from the second floor seems to get annoyed by me having my radio on 98.1Fm, which by the way, one of the bosses gave me so that I can listen to music daily.

I wonder if she has ever ministered to her other "friends" in the company because they are all from different religions other than hers, but it seems as though I'm a major threat to her because of my belief in CHRIST as GOD.

I'm really trying with the situation but GOD has really given me a task to deal with. Can someone please give me some advice on how to deal with this situation.

Merissa.Very Happy
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PostSubject: actions speak louder than words   Mon May 14, 2007 2:53 pm

Christ warned of persecutions like this so don't let it get to you.
Let your actions speak volumes and don't get into arguments because nothing profitable will come out of them. In your deeds show love and respect and keep calm and peaceful, let the fruits of the spirit be revealed. Be strong in your faith and beliefs and get stronger with The Teachings of Christ stick to it in the strictest sense and try apply it to everyday living, and not so much what you were told to do or not to do by elders etc. If you get into arguments about what christians do as opposed to any other religion you will get yourself in trouble. As you rightly said it is not about religion so don't ge tinto arguments about pastors and what they do, that is not your business and neither is it your place to try defend men, you are no one's lawyer, neither can you put your head on a block for anyone

All God has asked his disciples to do was spread The Gospel of repentance for baptism. "Do you believe and Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God?" end of talk. IF they show interest then you move to suit, if not leve them let them be, in time all things work out.
Let your conversation be kurt and abrupt as a true warrior, be bold let your heart show no weakness and if you can't ask God for the grace to do so.
The most you can do is smile and let God do his thing.
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Jehovah's Witnesses
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