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PostSubject: FORGIVENESS UNLIMITED   Wed Feb 14, 2007 12:17 pm

I've read Apostle Vivian's book 'Forgiveness unlimited' many, many times. It has brought into my life a new awareness of the importance of forgiving. My husband and I can't seem to get along. Whenever I do something that he greatly dislikes, he gets in a rage and hits me. Whenever he does it, and calms down, we speak about it and he vows never to do it again. I forgive him .This has now become a pattern that would occur every 2-3months. I vowed to myself that I would not take it anymore; I'd cough him or damage him. But, I can't do it. (especially in the presence of our kids). My mother treated me the exact same way when I was growing up. I forgave her and we're now the best of friends. I'm now at the point where I do not know what to do. We've migrated, so I have no one I can lean on for emotional or spiritual support. The only thing that keeps me going strong are the 'prophecies' spoken over our life, by Apostle Vivian. I'd also try to keep in worship and the word. Please, I need some advice. I am totally fed up.
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PostSubject: Home made deliverence   Tue Feb 27, 2007 4:06 pm

Patricia Patricia,
I commend you for your reading taste, but you have to keep principle. Even if you get fedup, it is better you just walk away than to hold grudge in your heart. Forgiveness is towards an object, in this case your husband, but the benefit is for your piece of mind, for you only. To get fed up is to act against forgiveness. THis allows the actions to cause more hram than was originally intended. Unforgiveness brings emotional and psychological harm
You cannot really get back at the person as you have realised yourself.

Yes you read the book, but like school you will be tested on any new material you have learnt, and if you don't pass you usually have the option of re-taking the exam in order to pass, so as you can move on academically.
So, Patricia, forgive, live and move on.

Now, life is balance, so if it be necessary for you to physically separate for your own preservation then do so, whether temporarily or permanently.
That all depends on your husbands willingness to deal with his own problems. This maybe a generation curse and he will need some sort of counselling. We must never try to keep our issues secret.

Additionally, I would say stand up for yourself, be verbal. Stand up to the devil's principality loudly and boldly as a lion. Shout as if you were praising God in his sanctuary. Show evil you are not afraid to die for what you believe. Sometimes when we are fed up and the situation seems desperate we have to get mean, real mean. Some call it rigtheous indignation.
However, keep Christ principles and be harmless as a dove. Use the words of Christ for obscene language does not work against the devil it only strengthens evil.

start calmly and end aggressively for example, "honey, that what you did there, THAT IS NOT LOVE!!! IS THAT LOVING YOUR WIFE LIKE CHRIST LOVED THE CHURCH?" , yuh know, but say something and let it come from your heart, make the wicked jump out of him.
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