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 Lil bit confused, Need some advise...

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PostSubject: Lil bit confused, Need some advise...   Fri Dec 08, 2006 6:33 pm

I have had one prophetic word and one very vivid dream about me being called to be a worshipper.
I have ideas and projects utilising my talent in the pending b/c of these prophesies. However, I got another prophetic word saying i am called to be a worshipper.
The only other avenue i have left is the Judah ministry but to be honest i am no singer. I might be able to chant and vocalize, but I don't think i can fit into a choir setting. I am still willing to try though.
Can you tell me if there is something specifically for me one Damian Ramdin should be doing or going after in order to go after this calling?
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The Serv

PostSubject: Re: Lil bit confused, Need some advise...   Fri Dec 08, 2006 6:34 pm

All of us have talents that lie dormant inside of us for many years,and it is that one defining moment in time that brings our history and our destiny together.My advice to is to pursue a course action that would assist in helping you to mould and shape your abilities.If you recieved a dream that you functioned as a worshipper in lets say a church setting, then seek voice training,if you do not consider your self to be a singer.There are people who would help you to maximise your full potential in that area.Always remember that God has made provision for every vision so what ever road he leads you down he will order you steps because he thinks the world of you.
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Lil bit confused, Need some advise...
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